Coffee and a conversation.

Making sense of change for ourselves can be challenging enough. Helping other people to do so can be even harder.

Which is why the conversations we have at work are so important. 

Conversations create our culture and often are the difference between success and failure.

Internal communications has moved on from a one-way broadcast from the top of the organisation to something that helps people make sense of their role, their responsibilities and most importantly, how their own purpose fits with the purpose of the organisation. 

(Incidentally, profit is never a good purpose for an organisation).

Knowing where to begin improving internal communications is half the challenge, which is why it's important that before any significant course of action is taken, we understand what is working and what needs to change. 

And that's where we begin with clients. 

Sometimes it's a small scale 'audit' of existing communications, pulling together data from a variety or sources. 
Or it might be a deeper analysis of an existing employee engagement engagement plan to identify quick wins and longer-term 

However we approach evaluation, we always begin with a conversation to understand what will make you and your organisation successful in 2016.

If you'd like a coffee and a conversation about how we can help, click 'get in touch' or give Rich a call on 01623 883910.

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